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The original Mileage Club® Challenge Series includes nine runs and awards, as well as tons of helpful information on how to conduct fun runs at schools, clubs, youth agencies and in communities. Challenge Series 2 has 13 supplemental fun runs. These fun runs are as creative and clever as the original Challenge Series. The main difference between the two, Challenge Series 1 and Challenge Series 2, is that with Challenge Series 2 you have the option of purchasing each run separately. The Challenge Series 2 CD allows you to personalize and print the flyers and certificates in color or black and white.

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Youth Running Programs - Mileage Club Challenge Series 2 Challenge Series® Add-On Run Packets

Plan, promote and host first-rate fun runs. Each fun run packet sold separately. Corresponds with 12-Run Challenge Series Award Bundle.

Starting at $8.95
Shaping America's Future - Gift Certificates Gift Certificate

Support your teachers and youth leaders!

Starting at $10.00
Fun & Fitness Booklet - 44 page booklet full of fitness ideas for kids. Fun & Fitness Booklet

Written with Mileage Club® coordinators in mind. (44 pages)

Starting at $10.00
Youth Running Club Gear - Tally Sticks Tally Sticks™

Tally Sticks™ are an alternative method for tracking Mileage Club® laps: just hand one to each child when they complete a lap. At day's end, count each child's Tally Sticks™ (representing the number of laps they completed that day) and record their totals. (4" long)

These have a large hole in one end so that they can be easily carried and stored on a shoelace or chain. Tally Sticks™ are flexible and extremely durable, which means that you will be able to reuse them for many Mileage Club® seasons.

Bright eight-color assortment: black, blue, fuchsia, green, orange, red, yellow and black.

Single-color bags available for additional fee of:

$1/Bag of 75; $5/Bag of 500 or 1000

Starting at $12.49