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Mileage Club - Pencil M.C. Pencils [119-000]

Show students they have the "write" stuff. Metallic red pencils help keep students motivated, whether it's dashing off a quick assignment or tracking down the answer to a tough problem.

Starting at $0.37
Mileage Club - Mood Pencils M.C. Mood Pencils [119-001]

Walking elevates your mood. Try our Mileage Club® Mood Pencil and see how walking works! Hold an orange pencil and watch it stay the same color or turn yellow. Four mood testing colors: blue, green, orange, and purple. Specify color, otherwise a mixture of colors will be sent.

Starting at $0.43
Mileage Club® - Wrist Bands Mileage Club® Wristbands

Let students show they're a member of the Mileage Club® band.

Starting at $0.55
Student Awards and Incentives - Award Baggies Award Baggies

Ensure awards get home safely with children.

Starting at $1.35
Fitness Awards - Toe Token™ Folder Toe Token® Folder [128-000]

Talk about bright, shiny and wow!  This two-pocket folder is a constant reminder of the Mileage Club®.  The Toe Token™ Folder may be used by students (or teachers) for organizing Mileage Club, school or personal papers. Holds 8½" x 11" paper.

Starting at $2.15
Organization and Storage - Token Totes Token Totes

Get organized and stop fishing for you awards! (3 sizes)

Starting at $3.25
Mileage Club® - Peel-and-Stick Card Files Peel-and-Stick Card Files

These peel-and-stick card files are imprinted with the phrase "Mileage Club."  They also have a place for the students' names. Stick 'em on a poster board, side of desk or paper. Help keep the Mile Marker Cards organized and visible.  Approximately 3½" x 3½".  (Also available without the Mileage Club imprint.)

Starting at $4.50
Mileage Club - Ink Refills Ink Refills

Our stamp goes on and on and on, but should your students accumulate mega miles, we have refill ink available in either 10 ml or 60 ml bottles.  Available in green or red ink.

Starting at $4.95
Myachi® [155-000]

Myrachi (pronounced "mee-ah-chee") is an extreme sport that is fun, safe and vigorous. It combines the fluid movements of martial arts with the old-school fun of a foot bag. The Myachi Hand Sack is easy to learn but challenging to master. Catch the sack by using the back of the hands, no palms allowed. The game also involves the use of feet, elbows and wrists. As your students practice and master the various moves, you will be amazed at their improved dexterity, physical activity levels and self-esteem. The Myachi Original Hand Sack ... educates, stimulates and motivates.

Starting at $5.00
Walking Club Incentives - Mileage Club Certificates M.C. Certificate

<p>For determined Mileage Club® certificates. <i>(8 ½" x 11")</i></p>

Starting at $6.49
Mileage Club - Heart Punch Fiskars® Heart Punch

For punching Mileage Marker Cards as students complete their laps.

Our Price: $8.59
Fun & Fitness Booklet - 44 page booklet full of fitness ideas for kids. Fun & Fitness Booklet

Written with Mileage Club® coordinators in mind. (44 pages)

Starting at $10.00
Fitness Apparel - Mileage Club T-Shirt Mileage Club® T-Shirt

You'll be proud to wear this white (50/50) Mileage Club® T-shirt with its multicolored Mileage Club banner and Toe Token™ logo.  Available in seven sizes.

Starting at $10.39
Kids Fitness Awards - Sport Packs, drawstring bag M.C. Sport Pack

Drawstring sport pack in seven colors.

Starting at $10.95
Mileage Club - Map of USA M.C. Map

Allow students to collectively plot their miles as they walk/run to different cities. (20" x 30")

Starting at $10.95
Mileage Club - Map Matrix Mileage Matrix

Distance between each of the 102 cities peppered across our Mileage Club® Map & Mega Mileage Club® Map. (26" x 33")

Starting at $10.95
Mileage Club Caps - red and blue in available in youth and adult. M.C. Baseball Cap

Participants can show the world that being fit is always on their mind. (Adult and youth sizes.)

Starting at $11.45
Youth Running Club Gear - Tally Sticks Tally Sticks™

Tally Sticks™ are an alternative method for tracking Mileage Club® laps: just hand one to each child when they complete a lap. At day's end, count each child's Tally Sticks™ (representing the number of laps they completed that day) and record their totals. (4" long)

These have a large hole in one end so that they can be easily carried and stored on a shoelace or chain. Tally Sticks™ are flexible and extremely durable, which means that you will be able to reuse them for many Mileage Club® seasons.

Bright eight-color assortment: black, blue, fuchsia, green, orange, red, yellow and black.

Starting at $12.49
Customize Lime Mileage Club T-Shirt Custom Mileage Club® T-Shirts (Lime Green)

Youngsters will wear their custom threads with pride! (6 sizes available)

Starting at $13.25
Customize Lime Mileage Club T-Shirt Custom Mileage Club® T-Shirts (Royal Blue)

Youngsters will wear their custom threads with pride! (6 sizes available)

Starting at $13.25
Customize Lime Mileage Club T-Shirt Custom Mileage Club® T-Shirts (Dark Red)

Youngsters will wear their custom threads with pride! (6 sizes available)

Starting at $13.25
Youth Running Club - Mileage Club Heart Stamp Mileage Club® Heart Stamp (Red) [185-001]

This itsy-bitsy (¼"), self-inking stamp marks thousands of kids' mileage (Mile Marker) cards as laps are completed.

Our Price: $19.95
Mileage Club® - Walk-A-Long Wristbands Walk-A-Long Wristbands

Here are great motivators to help young people be fit and active. Debossed with "Mileage Club" and foot imprints, these wrist bands are available in five classic colors.

Starting at $21.25